Quantum Shift Breathwork

Online Training Starts September 8, 2022

Breath is the portal to higher consciousness

This course is open to all, whether you are looking for full certification to be able to offer breath sessions to clients, or looking to deepen your own process and journey.  


The entire program consists of 2 Modules plus additional practice breathwork sessions

Module 1— 8 weeks.  Opening to Quantum Consciousness: Spiritual Physics. 

This is a  Quantum Field trip opening you to a whole new understanding of how the Universe and reality work.  This will give you a whole new perspecitve on dimensions, new ways of working with energy, of intention, moving beyond time and space to heal the past and the future and so much more. 


This is what sets Quantum Shift Breath Training apart !  In addition to learning  all aspects of the breath journey experience, you will also learn how to tap into and hold an  expanded state of quantum consciousness to affect even greater and more powerful shifts—first in yourself, and then for your clients. 


You can’t take your clients any farther than you have been

The breathwork process is part art, part science and all magic!  And the key to unlocking all of that magic is not just learning the technique of the breathwork modality, but even more importantly, opening the consciousness of the facilitator to create and hold a big, clear, high vibrational space. It is in that space that profound, multi-dimensional miracles of healing and transformation can happen.


We will have the opportunity to do 2 breathwork sessions during this module, further opening you to greater consciousness and depth of transformation. 

Here is some of what you will learn during the 8 week module 1 Quantum Field Trip

      • Discover what Quantum Physics tells us about what reality is and how you can expand your view of your self and the world
      • Understand how you can hold a multi-layered, multi-dimensional space of healing for yourself and your clients
      • Learn and experience how the Quantum gives us ways to easily move, shift and dissolve energy blockages and deep subconscious programming, 
      • Awaken and expand clear channels of connection for yourself and your clients
      • Learn Quantum Energy healing and clearing techniques for yourself and others
      • Gain practical tools to keep your energy strong and clear
      • Be able to knowledgeably share with clients the science behind conscious breathing and how it is able to create change in body, mind and spirit
      • Learn how and why we create what we do in our lives
      • Discovering how principles of Quantum Physics apply to our lives and how to use them to set ourselves and our clients free!
      • Apply Quantum principles to expand your awareness and open your clients to an even deeper and more powerful breathwork experience:  Quantum Breath!

Module 2— 4 weeks plus practice breathwork sessions

  • A deep dive into all aspects of the breathwork journey technique—
    • Setting safe and sacred space, 
    • the Breath—how to breathe, the science behind why the breath works and how it works
    • the Music— Creating playlists for various moods
    • The Body Work—moving energy in the body, releasing stuck energy
    • The Energy work—working with the chakras, learning to recognize what needs to be cleared, learning how to call in the team, working with the person’s Higher Self to guide the session
    • How to set up and conduct a session—practical information about the room, the journeying pallet, the energy in the room, running the session and more
    • how to explain the process to a client—gaining a good vocabulary to easily describe the process, demonstrate the breath, explain the protocol and more
    • Holding group sessions—exploring the difference between individual and group sessions.
    • Various breathing techniques—becoming familiar and conversant with various styles of breathing and how to work with them.
    • Much more!!

In each 1/12 to 2 hour teaching session you will receive:

  • Teaching with notes
  • Energy activation and attunement
  • Practical and powerful energy shifting tools based on QP concepts
  • Homework practice and exercises to strengthen your new vibration
  • The video recording for review

Other benefits:

  • You will experience deep  healing and transformation in all areas of your life.
  • Your view of reality, and your conscious connection to Source will greatly expand
  • If you are already doing healing work, whatever modalities and practices you are currently using will become super-charged

Requirements for Full Certification as a Quantum Shift Breathwork and Healing Facilitator/Healer

  • Complete the 12 online sessions ( either live or via the recording)
  • Participate in at least 3 online class practice breathwork sessions—both as breather and as facilitator
  • Complete and document 10 practice sessions with friends/family
  • Agree to hold the highest ethical standards for your practice.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Spiritual Physics, and the breathwork process, as well as an ability to hold space and work effectively with clients 

Cost for complete practitioner certification: $1095

  • 12 online teaching sessions, including video replay
  • Online breathwork journeys
  • Resource materials for your own use and to use with clients
  • Online practice QS breathwork sessions, both as breather and as facilitator
  • 2 Music Playlists to get you started 

To register and pay for the full certification program

Venmo, pay $1095 to Meredith-Davis-40      Zelle, pay $1095 to  602-625-0082      Paypal, pay $1149: Click Here

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in the Zoom Room on Sept. 8!


The healing Is the Training and the Training is the Healing

I want those who carry the designation of “Certified Quantum Shift Breathwork Process Facilitator/Healer” to be not just facilitators, but clear and powerful healers, so in this training you will receive a lot of deep, cutting edge teaching and information that I call Spiritual Physics!

There’s a big part of this training that is beyond the physical/mental/linear.  It is more than training, it is sacred initiation into this role of healer and conduit for Divine Presence, for yourself and for others. 

Whether you are interested in learning this powerful healing modality to use professionally,

for friends and family or just to deepen and expand your own experience, this training will change you in deep and profound ways. By accessing quantum consciousness, you are able to move through layers of energetic programming quickly and thoroughly, facilitating rapid and clear shifts that affect all areas of life.