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Breathwork Training Course

Become a Certified Quantum Shift Breathwork Healer / Facilitator!*

If you have ever done a breathwork  journey, you know what an amazing and powerful experience it is. You were probably blown away by how this simple process propelled you into such rapid, powerful transformation.  You were no doubt amazed  at how the healing power of conscious breathing took you to a whole different level! I’ve seen lives totally change after one breathwork experience.  Patterns, habits, addictions and beliefs that have plagued people for years are suddenly dissolved and transformed. 

Maybe this is true of you, if so... this opportunity is for you! Take your breathwork practice to the next level! Become a Certified Quantum Shift Breathwork Healer/Facilitator!*


This is a powerful opportunity even if you are just looking to deepen your own experience!

Here is what we’ll cover in the training:

The 12 weekly webinar sessions will be live zoom meetings, and the recordings will be sent to all registrants to watch and review if not able to participate live.

In the weekly webinars you will learn how to

In each session you will receive

Breath as the portal to higher consciousness.

In the 11+ years I’ve been doing this practice for myself and clients, I have developed some techniques that really do a beautiful job of creating a healing space and allowing clients to gracefully slide through to a new place of alignment and clarity. Opening the way for them to see and experience life from a whole new level. I incorporate the tools and techniques I’ve learned while healing myself energetically of breast cancer,  combined them with the breathwork process and the result is what I call the Quantum Shift Breathwork Process.

The healing Is the Training

What sets this training apart is that, not only will you learn all aspects of the breath journey, but you will also learn how to tap into an expanded state of quantum consciousness to affect even greater and more powerful shifts. The breathwork process is part art, part science and all magic!  And the key to unlocking all of that magic is not just learning the technique of the breathwork modality, but even more importantly, the ability of the facilitator to create and hold a big, clear, high vibrational space. It is in that space that profound, multi-dimensional miracles of healing and transformation can happen. 

I want those who carry the designation of “Certified Quantum Shift Breathwork Process Facilitator/Healer” to be not just facilitators, but clear and powerful healers, so in this training you will receive a lot of deep, cutting edge teaching and information that I call Spiritual Physics!

There’s a big part of this training that is beyond the physical/mental/linear.  It is more than training, it is sacred initiation into this role of healer and conduit for Divine Presence, for yourself and for others. 

Whether you are interested in learning this powerful healing modality to use professionally,

for friends and family or just to deepen and expand your own experience, this training will change you in deep and profound ways. By accessing quantum consciousness, you are able to move through layers of energetic programming quickly and thoroughly, facilitating rapid and clear shifts that affect all areas of life.



Requirements for Full Certification as a Quantum Shift Breathwork and Healing Facilitator/Healer

People everywhere are beginning to realize the amazing power of breath to open the body, mind, emotions and energy. 

The internet is full of tips and techniques using simple conscious breathing techniques to deal with the stress of daily life.  Brain science and neurophysiology research are now confirming what yogis and ancient traditions have taught for centuries.  This is the perfect time to become a certified facilitator in this growing field.

The Choice is yours